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Tamblang is a nature conservation project in the rainforest of Northern Bali combined with a harmonious retreat from the hurry and noise of modern life. It is located near the mountain village Munduk, 800 - 1000 metres above sea level. The 4 hectare area of Tamblang owns an unique natural and spiritual surrounding and it is until now an insider’s tip to visit.

The special of that surrounding are the sacred Twin mountain springs with the particular mission to protect them. They are created from the 2 km eastwardly Tamblingan lake, which is one of the bigger lakes of the island, 1300 metres above sea level. The lake and the twins are conserved by the surrounded rain forest trees and our nature conservation project. The Twin springs are called Gangga and Saraswati. Gangga is the name of the Hindu Goddess of water and outlines purity and health. Whereas Saraswati is the name of the Hindu Goddess of knowledge and creativity.

We invite you to feel the energetic and cleansing atmosphere of this sacred place with its peaceful sounds. Sitting at the water in silence or even standing in it, will clear your mind and fulfil you with new, fresh energy. This is the perfect place for reflection and refreshment of the mind and the soul.

The area is not only special because of these precious mountain springs, but also because of the beautiful rainforest, where the springs are having their home. Bamboo, various fruits as well as coffee and cacao are living here too.

Here you may enjoy the wonderful view of the countryside with its stunning sunsets and watch the stars while sitting by the campfire. We are very pleased to give you an insight of the Balinese cultural and spiritual life. And of course to show you how we protect this extraordinary place. If you would like to, you can help us preserving this nature spot by planting a tree. For most of our guests this is a special experience.

If you are a lover of unique nature and spiritual environment, you are at Tamblang at the right place and we are happy to welcome you here.

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