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The Mission

“I believe, that everybody has a moral obligation to participate for conserving tropical rain forest and source of water for human life and all creatures living on earth.”

Drs. Nyoman Bagiarta

DSCF0067The Balinese believe in the presence of the Supreme Being by the Five elements of nature: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Those elements represent the macrocosm, whereas the human being embodies the microcosm. Traditional Balinese believe therefore if they respect and preserve the nature, they preserve the Supreme Being and consequently the human being. Hence killing the nature means killing yourself.

It is approved that Bali suffers already from a lack of water. The problem arises as a result of the growth of the population, the pollution of the environment and the change of the farming products. Due to economic reasons many farmers of Northern Bali change their horticulture like coffee and chocolate to flowers and vegetables. The water therefore decreased by reason of deforestation and the planting of DSCF0001shallow rooted vegetables and flowers.

It was the idea of the visionary Drs. Nyoman Bagiarta to establish a model of mixed farming consisting of 20 % rain forest trees, 40 % coffee and 40% crops or flowers to preserve the water and the trees. He convinced a small circle of farmers around Tamblang area to join his vision of sustainable and responsible farming. This concept is an example to inspire more farmers to follow this sustainable and economic concept. And hopefully it also motivates followers worldwide as preserving water is not only a Balinese issue.

Pak Bagiarta, how he is called, has an international Hotel and Tourism background. His ancestors were amongst the first settlers of the Munduk area already 200 years ago. He is the Founder and Manager of Puri Lumbung Cottages in Munduk, the sister hotel of the Tamblang retreat. Puri Lumbung is one of the first eco-tourism hotels in Bali and located about 4 km from Tamblang.

Pak Bagiarta and his team have always the vision and the mission to protect the nature and the culture. All of the projects are highly community orientated, that’s why only people from the community are employed. They receive special trainings to improve their skills in the hospitality field or in leaDSC_2372ding and guiding treks. Especially the young profit from this special training program as they have better opportunities on the difficult employment market.

Tamblang is a special nature conservation project as the Twin mountain springs provide water, for drinking and irrigation, to several villages of the area.

We are happy that this project is combined with small eco-tourism and looking forward to welcome you as one of our guest.